Our Purpose

The HAPPY HOME MINISTRIES is a non-profit organization that exists to plant and grow new churches.  Our focus is on developing Leaders, Church Plants, orphanages, schools and collages for poor, drinking water bore well projects, Bible collages, women empowerments projects, health camps, Church Multiplication Networks, and Partnerships.
Our Mission & Vision
“…training leaders in every city to finish the work God has given us…”
Titus 1:5


The Vision of The HAPPY HOME MINISTRIES is to transform entire communities throughout INDIA through an exponential church planting movement led by catalytic leaders who bring others into a relationship with Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.


The Mission of The HAPPY HOME MINISTRIES is to equip catalytic leaders to plant new churches that will facilitate a spontaneous expansion of the Church in INDIA. We will do this in the following ways:
1.Providing assessments, training, coaching, and support to enable leaders to plant Great Commission churches that reach their communities for Christ;
2.Assisting new churches and church multiplication networks to reproduce themselves on a regular basis, thus establishing a genetic code where reproduction is the norm;
3.Assisting new churches in building bridges to connect with and serve their communities in ways that are innovative and relevant without sacrificing the timeless message of the Gospel; and,
4.Working with all branches of the Christian Church to create a unified, overarching, and strategic vision for bringing INDIA to Christ through church planting.


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